General Information

Please DO NOT submit this form UNLESS you have received an email asking you for it.

All information along with links and pictures have been emailed to everyone. Please kindly refer to those emails for the necessary items you will need to purchase.

Most emails will include a SIZE CHART that pertains to your child’s particular outfit. Your size submission should be base on that particular chart. Thank you.

If you do not reply in a timely matter  with the requested information it will be your responsibility to purchase the same EXACT outfit, otherwise your child WILL NOT be able to participate. Moreover, have in mind that some site are just for licensed instructors.
All price tags will still be attached to every clothing item as most items have been purchased at regular retail stores. This will ease any exchanges at the store.
It is the parents responsibility to exchange any items in a timely matter if the fitting is not correct. Please remember that more you delay exchanging an item the least possibilities you will have to find what you are looking for and without it your child can not participate.
Prices vary as all outfits are different in styles and also due to the number of items. Some might include a prop. For those whose outfits include a prop, please do no allowed your child to use the prop prior to the rehearsal and/or showcase.
All props have been tested and are in perfectly working conditions.
There will be no replacements and/or exchanges for props.

Your child will need to wear black Converse or “Converse like” shoes for the rehearsal and showcase.


How do I pay for my child’s outfit?
Cash (In an envelope with your child’s name on it) More details later.,
Online (online payments carry a $5 fee) Only available for a limited time. TBA
Checks will not be accepted.
Please do not include your child’s outfit fee with your tuition. Payment will be returned,
NO SERVICE FEE HAS BEEN CHARGED. REIMBURSEMENT HAS BEEN ROUNDED TO THE NEXT DOLLAR TO AVOID DEALING WITH COINS. You have until the day before the outfit will be handed out to your child to pay online or until the day of if paying cash. Date depends on merchandise arrival.

Where do I pick up the outfit?

Outfits will be handed out to your child at school during Hip Hop class  once they are paid and received. All details will go out once the orders are placed.

We ARE NOT responsible for any lost , stolen, misplaced and/or damaged outfits and/or props.