Hawkes Bluff

Hip Hop Hooray is a creative, fun, and unique after school dance program that runs throughout the school year and accommodates children in four age groups. It is a terrific introduction to dance without adding to the parent’s hectic routine as classes are offered right at their school during aftercare hours.

Each class builds on the last creating our routines to be performed at our End-of-the-Year Showcase and/or other possible performances at their school. Each class starts with a warm-up, followed by choreography taught to today’s hit music, and is concluded with a fun team game. Not convinced just yet? Our music is also carefully reviewed and “cleaned” by a DJ and all routines are approved by the Creative Director and age appropriate! Routines combine new and old school moves and techniques to create upbeat pieces for everyone to enjoy.

We are aiming to teach so much more than just Hip-Hop.  Our “surprise mission” is building these kids up to have high self-esteem, confidence, and a team-player mentality, which is beneficial in every aspect of their lives.

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Starting date: 9/6/2022
When: Tuesdays
Where: HBE  Music Room

  • Junior Class: Kinder – 1st – 2nd
  • 5 spaces available 
  • Start Time: 2:15 pm
  • Dismissal Time: 3:00 pm.

  • Senior Class: 3rd – 4th – 5th
  • 20 spaces available 
  • Start Time: 3:15 pm
  • Dismissal Time: 4:00 pm

  • Dismissal Location for BOTH groups
    • At the door by the ramp that leads to the music room. Left hand side of the school entrance-Where the FLAGPOLE is. We will not dismiss by the carline nor the office.
    • Students enrolled in aftercare will be taken back to the office to go back their aftercare location.


What to wear? Both Groups

  1. Students are to stay in uniform as they are in school premises.
  2. Must wear sneakers for their safety.
  3. Children with hair past their shoulder MUST tie their hair away from their face.

K – 2nd graders:

  • Will meet with us in the music room. HBE have a system implemented.
  • Bus Rider? Our priority is the safety of your children. For that reason, we are no longer able to accommodate bus riders as they are dismissed and leave before we are able to get to them. We do not have additional personnel to pick up directly from their class room. Thank you for your understanding.

3rd – 4th – 5th:

  • At 3:00 pm an announcement is done via PA system/walkies for the AFTERCARE students to come to the music room.
  • NOT AFTERCARE? Your child must be picked up at 2:00pm and brought back to at 3:00pm.
    • At the door, by the ramp that leads to the music room. Left hand side of the school entrance-Where the FLAGPOLE is.
    • LATE FOR CLASS? Drop him/her off by the ramp we will let him/her in.